Saturday 13 July 2024
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Dunmow Flitch Trials Art Competition

As part of the fun of the Flitch Trials, we're running a Flitch-themed Art Competition with 6 age groups from pre schoolers to grown ups!

Click here to download an entry form (PDF format)

* Closing date extended - now Monday 24th June 2024!

Entries will be displayed in an art exhibition at the Saracen's Head on Sunday 30th June, with the judging and prize giving on the same day.

Give it a go!

Dunmow Flitch Art Competition 2024


The Dunmow Flitch Trials™ exist to award a flitch of bacon to married couples from anywhere in the world, if they can satisfy the Judge and Jury of 6 maidens and 6 bachelors that in 'twelvemonth and a day', they have 'not wisht themselves unmarried again'.

A reference to The Dunmow Flitch can even be found in The Wife of Bath's Tale within Chaucer's 14th century Canterbury Tales.

The Flitch Trials are held every 4 years in Great Dunmow, Essex, England. The town is located north-east of London, just off the A120 between the M11 at Stansted Airport and Colchester: view a map

We must ensure that this unique local tradition continues for hundreds more years. So if you haven't seen or heard of the Dunmow Flitch Trials before, take a browse through this website, then come and watch the trials.

For more info, to volunteer or sponsor the Flitch Trials, please get in touch.

The Flitch Trials are about Marriage. Hopefully, happy marriages. High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge launched The Marriage Foundation in 2012. Sir Paul's wise words make us think that especially, in these austere times, less is actually more: 'Marriage is not something that falls out of the sky, ready made, onto beautiful people in white linen suits,' says Sir Paul, 'It involves endless hard work, compromises, forgiveness and love.'

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What's a Flitch of Bacon?
It's also known as a side of bacon, which is basically half a pig, cut lengthways, cured & smoked.
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