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› Congratulations

The following couples successfully 'claimed the bacon' on Saturday 10 July 2004:

  • Ross & June Steele (Great Dunmow, Essex)
  • Percy & Barbara Balhaam (Copford Green, Essex)
  • David Ensor & Goranka Gudelj (Barnston, Essex)

› 2004 Roll of Honour

The Dunmow Flitch Trials Committee would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their support as sponsors and contributors to the Trials:

  • Banana Travel for selling tickets & programmes
  • Champagne Mercier for donating 6 magnums for each of the claimants
  • Daniel Robinson & Sons for providing bearers & gazebos
  • Dave Atwell for giving his time to video the event
  • Dunmow & District Chamber of Trade for providing new bunting
  • Dunmow Electrical for providing power to the event
  • Dunmow Flower Club for beautifully decorating the marquee and flitch of bacon
  • Dunmow Rotary Club for acting as Court Bailiffs
  • Dunmow Town Council for their generous cash donation and for preparing the grounds
  • Get Ahead Hats (Thaxted) for providing hats for the maidens
  • Helena Romanes School musicians for playing the fanfare
  • John Harrison for donating the Flitch Trials painting
  • Marriage Millers for sponsoring the website & press materials
  • May Gurney for providing the road closure barriers & safety netting
  • Mike Perry for developing the official photographs
  • Mike Ruhl for providing fire extinguishers
  • Richard Moran for designing and building the new witness stand
  • Ridley's Brewery for loan of the dray
  • Rod Martin & Peter Graves for collecting & collating the props
  • Saffron Walden Building Society for sponsoring the tickets
  • Sainsburys (Braintree) for lending the committee marquee & providing gammons
  • Signtec for producing the banners
  • Stokes for providing the Flitch of Bacon
  • Sweetlands for providing the Flitch of Bacon
  • Taylors for sponsoring the seat numbering
  • Tesco (Dunmow) for their generous cash donation
  • Travis Perkins for providing the materials to build the witness stand
  • Willett's for selling programmes

We thank the following for their generous donation of raffle prizes: Croc & Co, Daniel Robinson & Sons, Marriage Millers, P & A Woods, Profiles, Tyremart

We would also like to thank Reverend Peter Street, Reverend David Ainge, Frank Warboys, Steve Schorah, Jacqui Moran and Helen Wildman for their contributions to the programme.

Special thanks go to Mike Thake and his team at JND Design & Print for designing and printing the tickets, leaflets and programmes.

We thank our advertisers for their support in the programme and the residents of Rosemary Lane, Market Place, Star Lane, Stortford Road, North Street, The Maltings and surrounding roads for their forebearance with the road closures.

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2004 Committee
The 2004 Dunmow Flitch Trials were brought to you by the committee whose members were: Jenny Ayers, Michael Chapman, John Davey, Dave Gilham, Sue Gilham, Jody Huizar, Mark Jones, Matt Kerry, Jackie Martin, Audrey McNeill, Jim McNeill, Jacqui Moran, Chris Picton and Clive Smith. Special thanks go to Helen Wildman for coordinating the whole event.